Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stretch Your Supplies

I love finding new ways to use my scrapbooking supplies. And I love to use them for more than just scrapbooking :) Since I got my hair cut recently I've been looking for fun, cute hair clips. When I couldn't find what I wanted...I decided to make my own! So I thought I'd show you how to make them as well...
Here are the supplies you will need:
*Bobbi Pins
*Flowers (I used paper, but felt, fabric, etc. would work also)
*Rhinestone Brads
*A strong bonding glue
Start by placing the brad through the flowers (use as many flowers as you would like). Spread the prongs far enough apart that the bobbi pin will fit in between them.
Next, place a little bit of glue in between the brad prongs.
Place the bobbi pin in between the prongs and add more glue around it to hold it solid. Let dry.
Ta-da...You're all done! Wasn't that easy! And now I have super cute hair pins in all of my favorite colors :)
In what non-traditional ways do you like to use your crafting supplies? Share with us :)


  1. Cute idea! With the economy in the dumps it makes sense to use your supplies in multiple ways.

  2. Those are really cute! And now I can picture how my Mom's clips will look on you when you get them :)

  3. Hi! Just wanted you to know that I gave you the “Lovely Blog Award”
    You can read about it here:

  4. What a great idea and they look so cute on you! I haven't done anything non-traditional with my supplies yet but I'm not near as crafty as you are!

  5. Great idea! I have been sorting through my craft supplies thinking that I don't do much "crafting" anymore, just knitting and such. But, I've decided to hang on to everything just in case an idea strikes!


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