Saturday, June 13, 2009

Same Word...Different Albums!

Have I mentioned how much I love making custom albums! Okay, I know I have, but this is just another reason I love to make them...
These two albums are made using the same word...Honeymoon...but have very different looks. They are very different albums with unique touches :)
This one is very tropical with fun, bright colors. I imagine the places these honeymooners may have gone...Hawaii, Tahiti, Cancun...the list goes on :)
Then there is the muted, toned-down album. Maybe these honeymooners went to a beach house or on a camping trip?
Everyone's honeymoon is special and unique...and their Custom Albums should be too :)


  1. those are great!
    and that's the fun of crafts - just change around the materials & viola! different look

  2. Again, your creativity is amazing! Both are beautiful!

  3. They are great! You are the cleverest!

  4. they're lovely - what agreat idea, definitely fit different destinations! Clever! :D

  5. They are both lovely! But then again all your creations are awesome!

  6. They are both beautiful. I'm more partial to the blue. :D

  7. These are awesome Edi!

    Thinking of getting one for my furkittie:

    Princess Cleopatra The Silly Goose Fussbucket that to much to ask?


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