Saturday, June 6, 2009

Choose Your Destination

How cool would it be to return from a wonderful trip and have a Custom Album made just for you! Pretty cool if you ask me :) That's why I added these Custom Destination Word Albums to my shop today! Remember your trip of a lifetime with the album of a lifetime :) These albums are completely customizable to suit any destination! Album measures 4"x12". Album base is heavy-duty chipboard. Each side is covered with cardstock and each letter is then covered with patterned paper. Each page is decorated with quality scrapbook embellishments and space is left for your photos. Album is bound with two metal rings and embellished with matching ribbon. The possibilities are endless with Custom Word Albums! *Choose the word you would like. *Choose 2-3 colors for papers. *Choose your theme (optional). *I can add any information you would like to the album: names, dates, specific locations, etc. You think it...I create it :) And I found my favorite new color combo making the Cancun09 album too! Aqua and Lime...oh yeah!!!


  1. You are just so creative you know? Your ideas are so wonderful and I love those new albums. And about your line "You think it..I create it" - what about those of us that can't even think it? :)


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