Monday, June 8, 2009

Tomato Update

I just realized I haven't done a tomato update in a while.
I'm not sure what to think of my topsy-turvy plant. I followed the directions as best I knew how, but I'm not sure they're going to make it. They were growing so well in the pan in the house, but when I moved them outside...not so well. You plant the large tomatoes out the bottom and the grape/cherry tomatoes out the top. I checked on them the day after transplanting them and the large ones were already dead! I don't know if I over watered them, if I didn't plant them right, who knows! The smaller ones on top are still alive, but they don't seem to have gotten any bigger since moving them. Not sure if they'll make it or not. My plan for next year is to keep the basket they are in and use it again. But not buy seeds...just plant one that is already started. I was at my sister-in-laws yesterday and this is what she did and hers already has small starters on jealous!
As for the ones I planted in the ground, they are doing well. I mulched around them and was hoping I wouldn't have to weed, but that didn't work either! As you can see from part of the photo...I only weed where I have to :) But both of my tomato plants and my pepper plant are doing well. Can't wait til they produce!!!
And I finally got this plant transplanted. I've had it for a year...maybe two! My mom gave it to me and I left it in its original pot up until the other day. Mom will be happy I finally got it replanted! I moved it outside because we have entirely too many plants and not enough window access! It was been there for about a week and seems to be doing well. I will just have to be careful when I bring it in for the winter...don't want any buggies in the house! does your garden grow?


  1. I have been so curious about your tomato plant experiment, so thanks for posting about it. I do know that tomatoes like a lot of water. They are tender and don't like to be too cold, especially seedlings.
    I planted about 7 tomato plants in pots that live on my deck. I planted some lettuce seeds in with them and all are doing well at this point. When planting the tomatoes, I stripped the bottom leaves off and planted them deeply. My daughter tells me that tomatoes don't like to have water splashed on their leaves, but I have not noticed any serious issues with it.
    I think I have the same plant as in your last photo, or some variety of it.

  2. Yes, me too. Need to do a tommy-toe update.

    Ugh, so sorry about the potted plants. The other day I planted 4 in a large clay pot in sun most of the day, and 2 in the long planter with the parsley & garlic chives that gets sun less during the day. Want to watch because of where we live in Florida. Do not know if it is possible for them to get too much sun. Giving it a couple/few weeks to see who wins, then they will all go into the ground somewhere.

  3. Yes - Mom is happy that you finally got the houseplant re-potted. Just don't leave it outside too long and let it freeze this fall. Love you, Mom

  4. I've been wondering about your topsy-turvy plant and sorry to hear they aren't doing well. It's good that your other plants are doing so well!


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