Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catching Up On Awards...

I love it when people pass awards on to me :) It really makes me feel awesome! But I have to admit...I'm terrible about posting them and passing them on! So I thought I was way past due on this post. I went all the way back to the end of April to find all my I hope I'm not missing any. The oldest one I found was from Ruthie at Rose Works Jewelry: This award doesn't come with any rules and is just a nice way to say thanks for commenting on my blog :) The next award is from Terronda at Unique Commodities: This award asks you to list 5 of your least favorite things. So here are mine:
  1. Thieves...enough said!
  2. Liars
  3. Cheats
  4. Hypocrites
  5. Fake People

And I received my most recent award again from Ruthie :) Isn't she great!

This award asks you to list 7 facts about yourself. So, here it goes:

  1. I have lived in the same town my entire life!
  2. Jesse and I have been dating for 9.5 years!
  3. I'm not a huge fan of shopping...unless it is for scrapbooking supplies :)
  4. My fave colors right now are pink and teal.
  5. I spend entirely way too much time online...if you couldn't tell!
  6. I prefer pizza and movie nights to a night on the town.
  7. I am a huge list-maker.

Now I know I'm supposed to pass these on...but that's where I fall short on these awards! I guess I pass them on to ALL of you. I have so many great readers and followers that I can't just choose a few of you. You are all wonderful and I appreciate you stopping by my blog :)


  1. Congrats on your awards! I often don't pass 'em on either :P

  2. congrats, you deserve them!
    So sorry about losing your kitty!

  3. Congratulations on your awards! I enjoyed reading the facts about you and didn't realize you'd been dating Jesse so long!

  4. Congratulations on all your awards. You are very thoughtful in spreading the blog comment love.
    I, too, prefer a pizza and movie night to one on the town.


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