Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mud Drags

Well, we didn't get to go to the drags yesterday, but after telling everyone we were, they wanted to see pictures. So I thought I'd share some old ones with you along with a layout I did a few years back :)
In case you aren't familiar, mud drags are just what they sound like. It's like drag races in the mud...with 4x4 trucks. You see how fast you can get through the mud hole without getting stuck! And as you read in my post the other day...I'm a little bit of a tomboy. I guess this proves it :)
Our truck isn't anything special. In fact it was given to us by a neighbor and Jesse did some minor work to get it running. It's not fancy by any means...but it sure is fun :)
What do you think of my pink mohawk...that's the pink thing on top of my helmet :) I thought it was cool anyway!
And here's a layout I did of our first year of mud draggin'.
We had so much fun and I sure hope we get to do it again this year! The annual mud drags we usually race in are in hopefully I'll have new pics then!


  1. Wow - looks like a lot of fun - would love to drive one of through trucks.
    I remember my grandmother always yelling "get out of that mud!" - Now I would have a perfect excuse to play in all that mud :)

  2. Oh the fun of getting out all of the weeks/years worth of frustrations, anxiety, and just plain pissy attitude!

  3. wow that looks great fun - you go girl! :D

  4. You go Girl! Talk about having some fun and getting all the vinegar out in one fell swoop!

  5. Looks like a great time Edi! You sure know how to find fun in life and then I love how you scrapbook about it! You're just so awesome!

  6. You have an award!

  7. Mom thinks you are a little bit of a tomboy and maybe there is a pinch of 'redneck woman'! We should have known by the way you drove the go-carts in Branson. I love what Beaded Tail said - you find the fun in life, then scrapbook it!!!

  8. That was a lovely comment by beaded tail!
    This does look like fun! You go, girl!


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