Monday, September 28, 2009

Etsy Bloggers September 28 Edition

I finally hosted my first ever blog carnival for the EtsyBloggers :) I'd like to thank all of you who participated! And I recommend all of you stop by these wonderful blogs and see the artists' faces and/or studios :)

Welcome to the September 28, 2009 edition of etsybloggers.

Lois presents Monday Morning Musings - A Twitterview with Foxy G. posted at Foxy G's Den of i-KNIT-quity.

Alison DeCamp presents This Is The Ugly Truth... posted at Glass Ali

Elise presents Musing about me, and what I'm about posted at Inside Betani's Bureau.

agoodwitchtoo presents A Bit of Silliness Really posted at The Copper Cauldron.

Cheryl Patterson presents My Work Space posted at FeltSewGood.

CREATEaTHOUGHT presents The face behind the art posted at CREATEaTHOUGHT.

maryeb presents Studio Peek posted at Colorless Green Ideas.

storybeader presents Etsybloggers Carnival - interviewing the storybeader posted at Stroll Through Storyland.

BeadedTail presents Behind the BeadedTail... posted at beadedtail.

miesmama presents Miesmama posted at miesmama.

Sumiko Shop presents A day outside posted at Sumiko*Handmade Creations*

Syrena Edmonds presents Etsy Bloggers September 25th Blog Carnival!!! posted at Scrapbooking by Syrena.

dizzydragonflies presents Got gauge? Or I hear voices in my head posted at dizzydragonflies.

Brittany Wende presents Show Your Face! posted at - B.W. SILVER -.

Mary Ann presents My Workspace... posted at Morning Sky Jewelry and Creations.

Alicia Mae presents Behind the Blogger posted at Crafts and Cooking.

Two Zany Zebras presents *Love*Sew*Create* posted at Two Zany Zebras.

Laurie Jackson presents Where I Create posted at Indulge Your Shelf.

Sykin presents Etsybloggers Carnival Post posted at Sykin's One Stop Etsy Shopping Guide.

Jen presents Etsyblogger Carnival -- Mama's Studio and Mama's Face! posted at Mama's Magic.

Beth presents Who am I? posted at Sunshine Daydreamz.

jbEbert presents EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival Entry posted at jbEbert - pearls, gems and a little bling.

Andrea presents Hello World! posted at Rock-a-Baby Clothing Co..

lazytcrochet presents Yarn, Yarn, Everywhere Yarn... posted at LazyTcrochet.

Heather presents My Sewing Room -September 25 Blog Carnival posted at Heather's Custom Sewing.

cupcakedalink presents Etsy Bloggers September Carnival No. 2—Who are You and Where do You Create? posted at Cupcakedalink's Etsy Blog!.

Linda Pruitt presents Studio to work? posted at Pruitt Handcrafts.

Melissa Sinisgalli presents Show Your Face!! posted at Made By Melissa.

Patti presents L.........onging for a studio posted at peacoxcreations.

Kathy Johnston (Cozy) presents See Me If You Must posted at A Cozy Life.

BunnyKissd presents Blog Carnival: Sept 25th posted at Diary of a Crazy Rabbit Lady, Too.

Sandy Simpson presents In The Studio posted at Punky Jane.

A Keeper's Jackpot presents My Home and Studio posted at A Keeper's Jackpot.

Judy Nolan presents First stitches, first steps posted at Word Walks.

Sarah Wagner-Ranes presents Show Your Face posted at Sweet Sally's Soaps News.

Sandi Myers presents Ok, So you want to know what I look like? posted at The T-Shirt Lady

PatchFirstShop presents Me and My Workplace.. posted at PatchFirstShop.

TiLTcreations presents Etsyblogger Carnival: Me posted at Crafts, kids, home and life.

Jordan Pulliam presents Meet ME! posted at Jordan.

Jimena presents Show yourself... posted at Panoptica.

Edi presents Friday Features-The Cat's Meow posted at Memories for Life Scrapbooks.

cindy devine presents Etsy blogger's September 25 Blog Carnival posted at Devine Designs Jewelry.

eileen presents Dorset Hill Beads: Take a Look...Here we are... posted at Dorset Hill Beads.

Ellen Behm presents This is me... posted at Down the Street Creations.

Linda B presents Linda B Crafts Here, There and Everywhere posted at Linda B's Blog.

Linda Wheelock presents Spotted Cow Soaps: Welcome to My Mess(es)! posted at Spotted Cow Soaps.

shellmitchell presents It's Me! posted at Shell Mitchell Accessories and Design.

Margaret Freije presents my "studio" posted at Splendid Little Stars

Mysie presents Blog Carnival 09.25.09 - Show Yourself posted at Miao Miao by Mysie.

Paper Fields presents EtsyBloggers - Welcome to my World posted at Serendipity Collections.

Carapace presents All About ME! In Watercolor! posted at Cara Makes.

Now let's go visit our teammates blogs and read this edition of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival!

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  1. Wow! What great participation you had! This was definitely challenging for me. I have enjoyed reading many posts so far, and will soon check out the rest. I will go back to my post and link to this specific post of yours.
    Thanks, Edi!

  2. I'll have to make sure I check out the ones I haven't seen already! This was fun - good thing I didn't post my picture! :D

  3. I really enjoyed participating in this blog carnival. In fact, it drew the third highest audience of all my blogs to date! I look forward to checking out the other blogs. Thanks, Edi!

  4. Awesome Topic!! Thank you Edi for hosting and asked these questions!! Now I have to read all posts so I will know other members.. :D

  5. What a lot of work for you! Thank you for taking the time, and making the effort! Off to read now...

  6. I am STILL making my way through these posts; they are so interesting to read. Thanks for hosting this blog carnival!


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