Thursday, September 17, 2009

House Update-Part 3

Slowly but surely we are making progress on our house. We have run into a few snags here and there, but hopefully it will all be done soon!
Our house is at its "ugly stage" right now. I guess we knew it would look worse before it looks better. Without the siding, it really looks terrible!
And all of the windows are torn out with just the storm windows left in. Here is where we ran into some trouble. The base boards for the frames are all rotten! So now we get to rebuild them all before we can put the new windows in! YUK!
We did get one window put in though. At least one frame was still solid :) It looks so nice...I can't wait to get the rest put in! I painted around the outside of it last weekend. Now all that needs done is the caulking.
We've also gotten all of the holes drilled for the blow-in insulation. But we have to wait to actually blow in the insulation because of the windows! The insulation will just fall out when we pull the frames out! So we are kind of stuck until we can get all the windows done.
Very soon this work will all be behind us...and we will have a beautiful house to look at everyday :) It will be so worth it!!!


  1. Before you know it, you will have a transformed and beautiful house! I love the befores and afters of houses. My husband and I have flipped 2 houses, and it was so much fun to take them from ugly to lovely.

  2. The transformation is going to be so fun to see! I can already tell the difference with just the one new window in. It's going to be so nice and cute very soon!

  3. It's so great that you're taking pictures as you go! DH and I have been through this several times. It's an adventure, and hard to live with sometimes, but I know you'll be SO thrilled and happy and proud when you're done. I'm smiling really big for you!

  4. That's what you call the commitment stage ~ you are committed to finish the project.


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