Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Am...

As the host of this week's EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival, I chose these two choices for the themes:
1) Show your face! I love to know the artist behind the work. Show us a picture of yourself and talk about your work, life...whatever. Interview yourself if you like.
2) you don't want to show your us your studio instead. Where do you create? Do you like it/want something different? What is your favorite part about where you create?
I like to see who's behind the art. I like a face to go with the person I'm talking to online :) And I liked SunshineDaydreamz's post so much that I thought I would use the same idea for my posting :) Thanks Beth!
I Am...
*a daughter/sister/granddaughter/niece/cousin
*Jesse's girl
*Mama to my furbabies
*Creative/Paper Crafter/Scrapbooker/Artist/Etsian
*Outgoing/A People Person
*A Type-A Personality
*Don't Watch TV...But Listen to the Radio All the Time
*An Internet Addict
*A Factory Worker/Machine Operator
*A College Graduate/MBA Student
*A List-Maker/Planner
I am unique. I am an original. I am just me :)


  1. And you're beautiful inside and out! Lovely post Edi and of course very lovely photo!

  2. You're Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's my girl!!!!! Mom

  4. awesome! I liked Beth's post very much also. (enjoying "anonymous' comment above!!)

  5. How nice to see your friendly face! You sound like a very busy (and happy) person.


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