Saturday, September 26, 2009

House Update-Part 4

Slowly, but surely we are getting there! And we've decided that if we ever do work like this's getting hired done! The good new is...Jesse and I haven't killed each other through all of this...LOL! I guess that shows that we must have a pretty good relationship :)
We finally got all of the windows in! This part makes me SO happy! We needed new windows so bad! You can see here the damage we were dealing with. The bottom of all the frames were rotten and had to be replaced...not fun!
This big window in our living room was very time-consuming because it came out in three separate pieces. And the middle was very heavy and very stuck! At least we got some hunky help...too bad he's Jesse's brother...Just Kidding!
And just to show you that I've been helping through all of this's the proof! I got the super fun job (insert sarcasm here!) of scraping paint, repainting and caulking all the windows! A job I hope to never have to do again!
We also got all of the insulation blown in as well :) We'll be so toasty this winter! We only had one minor mishap with the insulation. I walked into the kitchen and wondered why it was so foggy/dusty. I saw a line of dust on the floor in front of the cabinets and opened them to find this mess! All I could do was laugh. There was a hole from where we installed the dishwasher and we'd forgotten about it! What a mess. I wasn't laughing so much when I had to clean it up the next day!
All in all everything is going okay. And our insurance agent came down the other day to see if we were going to meet out deadline (which we didn't). But he said they were going to go ahead and give us the rest of our money anyway because he could see the obvious work being done. I guess I could have left the insulation under the cupboard for him to see...LOL :)


  1. Good work :) And congrats on not killing each other :P

  2. You certainly ran into some messes but it's good that things are moving along. You did a great job painting! :D

  3. Ah, the joys of renovation =p hope it all gets done soon for you!

  4. Looking good girl!

    I must have missed something cause I didn't know that this was insurance related.

  5. Wow, looks like a lot of work. Maybe y'all can come down to my house next? Old homes need so TLC!


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