Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Roof-Part 2

Sorry I haven't gotten an update about the house posted lately! Busy, busy, busy lately!
We did get the rest of the metal on the roof! We've gotten many complements on it already :) We still need to get the ridge vent, ridge, and all the side pieces on yet, but it's still a good start!
And of course I've been taking pictures along the way of the work...and they guys working :) Not sure they like it, but hey...I need pics for the scrapbook!
We also got the siding torn off Saturday and Jesse started taking out windows on Tuesday...but I'll keep those pics for another day...I guess I wanna keep you waiting...LOL :)


  1. windows too? that's lots of work....good thing you have can break it out later when they say something is too hard - you can show them they can do it :)

  2. Blood, sweat, and $...the results?

    Smiles, pride, joy, love!

  3. Your house is looking good! I take pictures of workers, too. I try to be sneaky about it if I can.

  4. wow - is that a metal roof? If so, that's going to be noisy when it rains! But I'm glad you're progressing - best time of year to do it. Congrats. Jesse - what a hero! {:-D

  5. The roof looks great! Home improvement is such a pain in the patooty but the results are so worth it. Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. Your home is coming beautifully, Edi! Metal roof is well worth it - I have one too and love it. Can't wait to see the windows!!
    Anne ^i^


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