Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I would like to wish my parents a Happy 36th Anniversary today :) In today's times, this is such a wonderful thing to celebrate! I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite photos of them with you :)
I just love to see them smile :)
And in this one we were making fun of their matching shirts...it's so good to see my dad with such a huge laugh!!!


  1. What great photos! I'm smiling hugely just looking at them.

    Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  2. Wonderful photos! They made me smile too!

    Happy Anniversary to your parents and wishing them many more years together!

  3. they look very happy together. So nice to see that! {:-D

  4. I can feel the family love in your photos and writings. That's wonderful! Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  5. awww...your family always looks happy :) Congrats to them! Give them a hug for us :)


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