Monday, September 21, 2009

You've Gotta Check This Out!

Do you like to look at gorgeous jewelry? Do you like to win gorgeous jewelry? Than you've seriously you've gotta check out this site! Fabulous Chic Designs features a new item each week and you have a chance to win a pair of her beautiful earrings!!! Here's what she says about her giveaway: I'm looking for handmade lovers to participate in a focus group to give their opinions on Fabulous Chic pieces. Every Sunday I will post a picture of a Fabulous Chic Design on my blog at and would like your opinion on the item. Of course there is a pay off for participating in the focus group. When you post your opinion in the comment section, you will be entered in a give away drawing. A focus group member will randomly be selected to win a Fabulous Chic Item. I want to hear your honest opinion, so please feel free to say if you do not like an item. Items will be posted every Sunday and the winner will be announced on Sunday at 9 am EST. You've already seen one pair of earrings I've won from her, now check out the rest: So what are you waiting for...get on over to her blog and check out the great giveaway :) Note: I just read her blog and the giveaway will be suspended this week...but stop by next week for more goodies :)


  1. Thanks for letting us know! I will have to check it out.

  2. Great idea and what a cute way to display her earrings.

  3. I won a pair of earrings too! They are so prettty and I enjoy her blog too!

  4. I just went to her blog from yours and found out I won another pair of earrings! Yay!


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